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Expanding the potential of cognitive treatments through neurostimulation

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PlatoScience is dedicated to providing healthcare professionals and clients with increased quality and value in their treatment programmes. When implementing the PlatoLab TES Clinical System, our team provides you with personal service throughout the duration of the programme:

The PlatoWork headset and the PlatoApp are designed for accessible tDCS use - in a clinical setting and at home. The headset is lightweight, portable and is controlled by the PlatoApp for easy use and ensured safety. 

PlatoWork is registered as a Class 1 medical device under the EU Medical Device Regulations (EU) 2017/745.

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What can I use the PlatoLab TES System for?

PlatoLab TES System is developed to maintain consistency and effect of cognitive treatment programmes in between clinical consultations. tDCS is a versatile technology and can be used by clinicians to support treatment within a range of conditions. The most common applications are depression and addiction treatment. But it is important to emphasize that tDCS is, generally, increasing neuroplasticity, so it can be combined with any cognitive treatment to increase the effect of such treatment.

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Frequently asked questions

Can anyone use tDCS?

No, tDCS is not recommended for use during pregnancy, before the age of 18, for individuals with epilepsy, for individuals with metallic implants in their skull. If in doubt, please reach out to us before you start using tDCS.

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Can tDCS be dangerous?

No. tDCS, within the physical frames limited by the PlatoWork headset, cannot in any way pose a risk to your client. Excessive use can lead to skin lesions, and there are certain possible mild side effects, but no serious adverse events have ever been reported.

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How is the effectiveness measured?

Traditionally, in the lab studies on tDCS, the effectiveness is measured compared to placebo-stimulation, in double or triple blind 2x2 designs.

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