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Improve reaction time in esports by up to 20ms.

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Are we all creative?

How do you use your brain and can anyone be creative?

Balder Onarheim will take you through his '7 Days to Increased Creativity' guide so that you can understand the true meaning of creativity and how you can reawaken your full potential. Discover more about how you think and how you can break the pattern and habits that led you to believe you are without creativity .The guide includes daily exercises to practice, as well as useful insight into your habits, routines and thinking patterns and how to break them. 

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Scientifically Tested

PlatoWork stimulates the prefrontal cortex which has been proven to enhance learning, focus and concentration. To date, there are more than 4 000 tDCS studies that show significant results. 

No Magic Pill

While tDCS has repeatedly shown to improve cognition, there is no such thing as a ‘quick fix’. What PlatoWork does is support and strengthen your brain's natural activity.



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Click the image for a detailed step-by-step video instruction by CEO, Balder Onarheim.

How do our tDCS devices work?

Our tDCS devices stimulates specific brain regions while you work, game, study or meditate. Simply place the headset on your head, ensure the electrodes are correctly positioned and select 1 of the 4 modes using the app to begin.

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