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Connection or contact issue?

Connection or contact issue?

If you experience any problems with the headset, the most important thing is to first identify: is your problem related to a connection between the headset and your phone (“CONNECTION” issue), or is the problem that you cannot successfully start a neurostimulation session (“CONTACT” issue).


When you experience problems establish a Bluetooth connection between your PlatoWork headset and the PlatoApp smartphone application.

Please note: all connection between the PlatoWork headset and the PlatoApp happens inside of the PlatoApp, so there is no need to connect or ‘pair’ with the PlatoWork headset in the Bluetooth settings on your phone.

1. Make sure you have the most recent version of the PlatoApp installed (check via the app page).

2. Make sure that your phone’s Bluetooth is turned on (in the phone settings).

3. Make sure the PlatoWork headset is turned on (see below) – a blue light on the left side of the device should be blinking.

4. Open the app and initiate a stimulation session. If your PlatoWork is on (blue blink) but the app is still “Searching for PlatoWork…” there might be something wrong with the permissions on your phone (see separate instructions)


If you can connect to the headset, but experience problems in getting past the electrode test at the start of the session.

- CONTACT issues: New user

The first session can be challenging, but thereafter it gets easier. To begin:

- Make sure headset is very tight on your head

- Use plenty of saltwater on the white sponges

- Start with the Learn program

Note: Using the rear electrode can be a bit more challenging, due to its placement.

Step by step
If you are having problems with your very first session, please try the following steps below:

1. Tighten headset

2. More electrode surface

3. Better electrode access

4. Reapply saltwater

1. Tighten headset
Shorten all four sliders until the headset fits tightly to your head.

PlatoWork headset sliders

Wiggle it to your head, at first it is better that it is too tight than too loose.

During the electrode test, you can also try to press slightly down on the headset.

2. More electrode surface
Rotate the headset so that the whole surface of the white sponges touches your head.
Electrode positions

Use a mirror to see that the electrodes are aligned with your head.

3. Better electrode access
Make sure the electrodes have direct access to your scalp – dry hair and/or makeup under the electrodes can stop the current.

If you have very thick or curly hair directly under the sponges, try applying saltwater directly to the hair.

Remove hair under electrodes

4. Reapply saltwater
Empty your bottle and remake saltwater (see more). Rinse the sponges under running water, and fully soak them with saltwater from the bottle.

In future sessions you can start reducing the amount of saltwater, to find your level.

- CONTACT issues: Long term user

If you are an experienced PlatoWork user, but suddenly start experiencing problems with starting a session, please try the below steps:

1. Clean the electrodes

2. Rinse/replace sponges

1. Clean electrodes
If you have had successful sessions in the past, your electrodes might need a clean.

Use cleaning wipes with alcohol or disinfectant to thoroughly clean the inside of the three black electrodes.

Clean electrodes

2. Rinse/replace sponges
Try to thoroughly rinse your electrode sponges under running water.

If the sponges are getting dirty, thin, and/or no longer hold water well, they need to be replaced.

There are multiple sponges provided with the headset, and new ones can be ordered here.

Problems with permissions

On certain phones (commonly newer Samsung models) with Android 12 or 13, there are sometimes problems with the right permissions for allowing Bluetooth connections.

If your PlatoWork headset is turned on (blue blinks), and Bluetooth is turned on in Settings on your phone, but the PlatoApp still says “Searching for PlatoWork…” then there might be a problem with the permissions. To solve this problem, please consult this detailed guide.

I cannot turn on the headset

Close and reopen PlatoWork. The headset will turn on automatically once opened. You will know it is turned on when you see the PlatoWork logo on the headset blink blue and you hear the “click” sound.

The headset goes into sleep mode if it is not used for more than 20 minutes. To wake up the headset, simply close and reopen it. If your PlatoWork is open but there is no blue blink on the left side of the headset, then it might need to be charged. Use the USB cable provided with your headset, and charge the device for at least 30 minutes.

Red marks under electrodes

Some users experience temporary red marks under the electrodes after stimulation; this is normal and always disappear again quickly after the session. The marks are caused by a combination of heat, current and the saltwater used to moist the sponges. These marks can be reduced by rinsing the sponges under running tap water often, thereby lessening the amount of salt building up in the electrodes.

Itching under the electrodes

The feeling of itching under the electrodes is quite normal and caused by individual levels of skin sensitivity. If you experience an itching sensation while running a session, try to lower the intensity or add more water to the sponges. Your skin will most likely adjust to this sensation if you use the headset more frequently. Most users don’t even notice this after getting familiar with the headset.

Get in touch

If you still experience any problems or have any questions, please contact us at and we will be happy to assist.

Phone: +45 65 74 64 10 (Mon-Fri 08-16 CET)

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