PlatoScience is a neuroscience company dedicated to improving our understanding of the human brain. Pioneering within the field of TES - Transcranial Electrical Stimulation - PlatoScience seeks out new ways of helping people use their brain as it was intended to.

Founded in 2015 in Copenhagen, Denmark by two neuroscientists, PlatoScience is deeply rooted in the Nordic scientific community and committed to using safe and scientifically proven technology. The first product, PlatoWork, is aimed at professional environments and uses a CrowdScience project with the largest ever tracked number of real-life users of brain technology. The company’s vision is a future where the curious have access to safe and simple-to-use brain stimulation to improve their everyday life.

Our ethos at PlatoScience is always exude a community environment as we bring tDCS to the public in accessible and affordable headsets. We strive to bring collaboration and cognitive improvement through sustainable methods for the betterment of all.