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Private use: PlatoWork for cognition

As a consumer, you can order a PlatoWork headset directly from our webshop. The headset comes with the PlatoApp, available from the iOS and Android app stores.

PlatoWork users have free access to six cognitive enhancement programs provided in the PlatoApp:

- Learn
- Concentrate
- Create
- Calm
- Clarity
- Rethink

PlatoWork for individuals

Professional use: PlatoWork for treatment

As a healthcare professional, you can get access to extended usage of the Class I medical PlatoWork headset, as a supplement to your treatment offerings. The clinical version of the product comes with two different apps, pdf usage reports, and more.

Clinicians get access to our database of treatment protocols to use with their treatments, including but not limited to:

- Depression
- Addiction
- Pain
- Cognitive rehabilitation

Includes access to the consumer PlatoWork modes (Learn, Concentrate, Create, Rethink, Calm, Clarity)

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Medical use for individuals

PlatoWork is not a medical treatment in itself, and therefore we do not offer or encourage unsupervised medical usage of the PlatoWork headset

If you are interested in using PlatoWork for medical purposes as an individual, talk with your doctor or clinician, or reach out to us directly for additional information

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