PlatoWork tDCS Headset

PlatoWork tDCS Headset

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PlatoWork tDCS Headset is a plug’n play device designed to help you focus by making neurostimulation easy and accessible to everyone.

By increasing activity in specific areas of the brain, PlatoWork helps you to achieve deep focus so that you can perform at your best when you need it most. 

When ordering a PlatoWork headset you get:

 1 PlatoWork headset – requires the free PlatoWork app (iOS/Android)

 3 sponges in a plastic casing

 6 additional replacement sponges

 1 bottle for saltwater

 1 USB cable for charging

 Quick start guide

 A hardshell case for the PlatoWork headset and all the accessories



Please note that the PlatoWork headset is scalable to fit average head sizes from 54-64cm/21.5-25 inches.

Customer Reviews

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Really gave me an edge

I received the headset in 2019 where I used it every day. At the time I was finishing my second masters, and I could really tell the difference! Compared to the rest of the master students in the programme I was 10-12 years older which is a lot when studying IT systems. After I got the headset and started using it I could keep up with the best of them, and I believe it significantly improved my results.

Great for work

I use it for work when coffee isn’t doing the job. Works especially well for me with semi-creative tasks that require 2-3 hours concentrated effort.

Fantastic and worth every cent!

I was very excited to receive my Platowork. I bought it to use as an adjunct therapy for my ADHD. I still enjoy experimenting with the different modes, and have even had friends try it out who have been very impressed. I’m currently using the learn mode on a daily basis to increase neuro plasticity and improve my working memory - something that people with ADHD have a deficit in. Looking forward to experimenting with one of the other modes which correlates to another part of the brain which is responsible for visual memory. I’ve got nothing but great things to say about not only the Platowork but also the wonderful team at the company. When I needed some new sponges I got in touch and they promptly post some new ones out for free. I couldn’t recommend the Platowork more highly.

Great product for cognitive enhancement

Great product for cognitive enhancement and mental health. Highly responsive customer service.