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Close and reopen PlatoWork. The headset will turn on automatically once opened. You will know it is turned on when you see the PlatoWork logo on the headset blink blue and you hear the “click” sound.

The headset goes into sleep mode if it is not used for more than 20 minutes. To wake up the headset, simply close and reopen it. If the headset still does not turn on, try to recharge it.

It may take a few test sessions to ensure there is good contact and stimulation. Things you can do:

1. Adjust the headset so it is fitted tightly to your head.
2. The whole surface of the sponge is touching the head.
3. Make sure the sponges are sufficiently moist.
4. Check your bluetooth is on.
5. There is not too much dry hair directly underneath the electrodes.

1.Make sure that your phone’s Bluetooth is turned on.
2. Close and re-open the PlatoWork App from your phone.
3. Go to App Store and download the newest version of the PlatoWork app.
4. Open the app and initiate a stimulation session. If there is no connection, the app will show an error banner.

Some users experience temporary red marks under the electrodes after stimulation; this is normal and always disappear again quickly after the session. The marks are caused by a combination of heat, current and the salt water used to moist the sponges. These marks can be reduced by rinsing the sponges under running tap water often, thereby lessening the amount of salt building up in the electrodes

This feeling is quite normal and caused by individual levels of skin sensitivity. If you experience an itching sensation while running a session, try to lower the intensity or add more water to the sponges. Your skin will most likely adjust to this sensation if you use the headset more frequently. Most users don’t even notice this after getting familiar with the headset.

PlatoWork is fixed just above the ears and can be worn with most types of glasses.

Very thick hair, or big curls, can be a challenge but is not a deal breaker. Usually the problem can be solved by adding more salt water to the sponges.

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