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Turning on PlatoWork

To turn on your PlatoWork, simply unfold the headset. To turn it off, collapse the headset again. You will know the headset is fully open and operational when you hear the “CLICK” sound and the PlatoWork logo on the side of the headset starts blinking blue.

Once PlatoWork is turned on and the PlatoApp is open, the app will automatically connect to your headset. There is no need to go into your phone settings for Bluetooth pairing.

Sleep mode

After 20 minutes of not using PlatoWork, the headset will go into sleep mode and will turn off to save energy. To turn it on again, simply close and reopen PlatoWork.


The grey areas of PlatoWork have four adjustable sliders, which can be adjusted to fit your head size. The sliders are each marked with I II III IIIIIII to indicate from smallest to largest head size.

Salt water

Ensure the bottle provided is filled with salt water, used to soak the electrode sponges. Prepare the salt water by filling the bottle with drinkable water. Add 1/4 teaspoon of regular kitchen salt into the water, replace the lid and shake the mixture. 

More details on the Saltwater support page


The sponges provided are compressed and need to be hydrated before use. Moisten 3 dry sponges (1 mm thickness) with the salt water until they are fully expanded (5 mm thickness). Tip: Fill the plastic sponge case with salt water and dip both sides of the sponge.


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