PlatoWork User Review - Peter Sbirakos

We are so fortunate to have such enthusiastic and valued customers.

It is so heartwarming to see just how much each customer enjoys the wonders of neurostimulation and share actively at how it has changed parts of their lives.

One such 'neurostimulator' is Peter Sbirakos, an active participant on our Facebook PlatoAcademy page. 

We thought we'd ask him a few questions on his experience using PlatoWork. 

PlatoWork and tDCS from a customer's perspective

Peter Sbriakos

What was your main reason for trying tDCS and in particular, PlatoWork?

I’ve always been fascinated with the concept of brain plasticity and in particular, hyperplasticity. I discovered Brainwave Entrainment in 2004 and over several years used quite extensively the Neuroprogrammer software from Transparent Corp (now sold off to I believe).

I’ve been obsessed with sport for as long as I can remember and when the Halo Sport device came along, I decided to purchase and give it a try. I even purchased the v2 as well. I continued to use both devices for a couple of years until I heard about the PlatoWork and I immediately placed an order. But to answer your question, I was dissatisfied with the previous devices. I’m still heavily into brainwave entrainment and have in fact stacked tDCS with entrainment protocols with some interesting results, both from a physical sports performance standard and a psychological point of view. Don’t even get me started on stacking nootropics (smart drugs) on top of all of that!

PlatoWork ticks all the boxes for me in terms of the different modes on offer and hope that even more can be created, for example sports related physical literacy – targeting the motorcortex. It is also extremely easy to use.

What has been the most surprising thing experienced?

The ease of use of the device. For those who are just starting, make sure the sponges are fully soaked with plenty of salt water as this helps with connecting. 

What has been the most significant thing improvement?

Definitely in terms of writing. Ideas and research seem to occur naturally and I really get into a flow like state when I’m zapping my brain with Concentrate. I’m hoping that a new mode might be developed to more target the motorcortex cortex for physical literacy or sports related movements.

What do you use PlatoWork for mostly?

I also enjoy using it while reading for relaxation and I also use it whilst playing drums and blues harmonica and also listening to music.

Do you use PlatoWork for more than just work related tasks? (meditation, mindfulness, etc)

Although I’m a long time meditator (learned mindfulness from a Tibetan Monk), I’ve never combined the two. Now there’s a mindfulness thought!

What is your best mode to use and why?

Of the different modes, I find I enjoy Concentrate and Create to most. Rethink comes in at third whilst Learn is at a distant fourth. Everyone's experience will vary regarding these modes.

Anything else you would like to add?

It’s a great product and well made. The app works well and connects fine with the device.



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