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PlatoScience brings you well-researched, scientifically tested and effective tDCS devices to help stay focused throughout cognitive intensive tasks such as gaming, studying, meditating or working. Our products are safe to use and help maintain deep concentration when it matters most.

Why do you want a tDCS device?

Better Concentration & Focus

Improve accuracy and reaction time in esports

What is PlatoWork?

PlatoWork is a plug’n play device that uses tDCS or 'Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation' to increase focus and concentration.

PlatoWork increases activity in specific areas of the brain which results in a deep focus so that you can perform at your best when you need it most.

Simply put on the PlatoWork headset, select a stimulation mode in the app and carry on with your work or tasks as usual.

What is PlatoGame?

PlatoGame is the world’s first tDCS headset scientifically proven to enhance your online gaming performance. It increases cognitive performance by sending targeted stimuli to specific regions of your brain. The groundbreaking, improved form factor is based on the same PlatoWork technology, engineered to fit comfortably under a pair of headphones.

PlatoGame stimulates the same regions of the brain as PlatoWork but is more comfortable to wear while wearing gaming headphones.

PlatoWork tDCS Headset
PlatoWork tDCS Headset
PlatoWork headset electrodes by PlatoScience
PlatoWork tDCS Headset
PlatoWork headset electrodes by PlatoScience
PlatoWork tDCS Headset
PlatoWork tDCS Headset


Improved Productivity

"Everybody who works with knowledge-intensive tasks are going to benefit from it (PlatoWork). I also use it for other things like meditation. It makes it easier to just rest with my breath and not get caught up in the 'monkey brain'."

It's Game Time

"I used PlatoGame for 10 days in a row while practising my aim in Counter Strike. I actually improved my aim and my reflex time every day. I don't think I would have improved as much as I did without using the headset." 

Need new sponges?

PlatoWork Replacement Sponges
PlatoWork Replacement Sponges
PlatoWork Replacement Sponges
PlatoWork Replacement Sponges

Our medical-grade pure cellulose sponges can be bought in a pack of 9. Please note, if you are buying one of our devices for the first time, you will already receive a sponge pack. 

How to insert the sponges


Why we do what we do

Train your brain to do the impossible

The Science behind our tDCS devices

To understand the science behind our tDCS devices, we need to understand the brain is essentially an electrical grid. All thoughts and mental processes that occur only occur because neurons in the brain produce tiny electrical signals.

Our tDCS devices makes it easier for these natural signals to occur in regions of the brain that fuel creative thought. 

Read more about the science

PlatoWork Features

PlatoGame Features

Who can use our tDCS devices?

Anyone who is neurologically healthy, have normal skin, is not pregnant and older than 18 years of age can use our tDCS devices.

Who can't use our tDCS devices?

Do not use our tDCS devices if:

You are under the age of 18.
You are pregnant.
You have a scalp or skin condition (e.g. psoriasis or eczema) as tDCS may aggravate the condition.
You have a neurological disease or condition.
You have any metallic implants in your head, including intracranial electrodes, surgical clips, shrapnel or a pacemaker - but not including metal in the teeth and/or jaw. The reason is that metallic implants may change the current flow.

If you have any doubts, please consult your doctor before ordering.

PlatoWork Modes

PlatoGame Modes


Boost memory and retain faster


Solve problems from a new angle


Avoid distractions while gaming


Destress and recap post-game


Find a deep focus, limit distractions


Generate ideas by increasing flow


Outsmart the opposition


Increase speed &  attention


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