May 30th 2024, online - Clinical TES Certification (TMS add-on)

May 30th 2024, online - Clinical TES Certification (TMS add-on)

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Date: May 30th 2024
Time: 17:00-00:00 (CET/GMT+2)
Location: Online

With this certification you'll acquire a thorough understanding of the functionality and clinical applications of TES in general, and the PlatoWork headset in particular. A certification from PlatoScience ensures that you and your clients have the best possible foundation for successful TES supported treatments - in the clinic and at home.

The certification will be taught in English and will take place online. During a six hour program, the instructors will take you through:

  • The neurophysiology and function of TES/tDCS with a focus on PlatoWork functions

  • The clinical use of PlatoWork in depression, cravings, and pain disorders with a focus on protocols

  • Side effects, Pediatric, and prepartum use, contraindications and patient information 

Upon completing the certification, you will receive a diploma, and badge for your online platforms, stating that you are a certified PlatoScience TES provider.

If you have any questions about the TES Certification, please reach out to us