Become a part of the future of neuroscience

What is CrowdScience?

CrowdScience at PlatoScience is an open research concept consisting of large-scale, user-driven experiments. Your participation not only helps us to improve your neurostimulation experience but also to determine the true benefits of neurostimulation.

We offer CrowdScience activities through the app, so keep an eye out for information there and elsewhere!

Participate in neuroscience

By signing up for PlatoScience CrowdScience, you can participate in different types of neuroscience studies - and thereby contribute to science, and the future of neurostimulation.

Get more out of your headset

Over time, we seek to use the data from CrowdScience to optimize the neurostimulation experience both for you as an individual user - and for all our current and future users.

Get placebo control and other special benefits

As part of the studies in our CrowdScience, we offer participants to validate their experience with placebo testing, cognitive testing, and 'home science experiments'. In some of the more elaborate studies we also offer a financial reward for participation.

Have a question for us? Click the button to speak directly to the CrowdScience team.