Additional PlatoWork (existing customers)

Additional PlatoWork (existing customers)

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This product is only available to professionals who already have PlatoWork in their clinics. If you do not have PlatoWork in your clinic yet, please view the PlatoWork for Healthcare Professionals - Intro Kit for more information on how to get started.  


PlatoWork tDCS Headset is a user-friendly tDCS device designed to make neurostimulation easy and accessible for clinicians and patients alike. PlatoWork is controlled through the PlatoApp (iOS/Android) offering 6 different stimulation modes. 

The PlatoWork headset allows all healthcare providers and institutions access to high precision and quality tDCS technology. With three electrodes designed to let the user identify correct scalp locations and mount the headset appropriately, the PlatoWork headset allows for a wide variety of montages. In addition, PlatoWork is designed to be completely safe with several layers of failsafe, preventing any malfunction of the headset.

Each electrode can act as both anode and cathode, and the headset can be tilted to sit at three different locations on the head, this can create dozens of clinically and scientifically relevant applications.

tDCS has level A and level B evidence for a number of treatments, and the PlatoWork headset makes it easy for any clinician to offer this technology as a supportive tool for existing treatments.


- 1 PlatoWork headset – requires the free PlatoWork app (iOS/Android)
- 3 sponges in a plastic casing
- 6 additional replacement sponges
- 1 bottle for salt water
- 1 USB cable for charging
- Quick start guide
- A hardshell case for the PlatoWork headset and all the accessories

Are there any subscription costs?
No, when buying the headset from PlatoScience there are no subscription costs for using the headset with the PlatoApp. Each of the sponges delivered with the headset is tested to last over 100 sessions. To use the headset you need salt water, which we recommend to simply mix at home or purchase from your local pharmacy.

Size: Please note that the PlatoWork headset is scalable to fit average head sizes from 54-64cm/21.5-25 inches.
Smartphone requirements:
- iOS: Version 10.0 or above
- Android: Version 5.0 (Lollipop) or above
Please note: you must have access to Google services for PlatoApp to work

Taxes: dependent on territory
Warranty: 2 years, or local requirements

For extended information about the product, usage and maintenance please consult the PlatoWork Instructions for use. If you have any further questions, please contact us directly.