Additional PlatoWork (PlatoLab subscribers only) - without VAT

Additional PlatoWork (PlatoLab subscribers only) - without VAT

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This product is only available to professional PlatoLab subscribers. If you are not a subscriber please view the PlatoLab TES Intro Kit for more information on how to get started.  

PlatoWork tDCS Headset is a user-friendly tDCS device designed to make neurostimulation easy and accessible to anyone. PlatoWork is controlled through the PlatoApp (iOS/Android) offering 6 different stimulation modes. The stimulation increases activity in the areas of the brain involved in higher cognitive functions such as learning, focusing and creative problem-solving.  

Get PlatoWork if you want to improve and maintain your mental abilities in a safe and chemical-free way. 

For healthcare professionals, PlatoWork comes with a complete service system for supporting mental health protocols. If you are a clinician interested in exploring the medical potential of tDCS, please get in touch with our team.  

When ordering a PlatoWork headset you get:

- 1 PlatoWork headset – requires the free PlatoWork app (iOS/Android)
- 3 sponges in a plastic casing
- 6 additional replacement sponges
- 1 bottle for saltwater
- 1 USB cable for charging
- Quick start guide
- A hardshell case for the PlatoWork headset and all the accessories

Included stimulation programs:
- Learn
- Concentrate
- Create
- Calm
- Clarity
- Rethink

Size: Please note that the PlatoWork headset is scalable to fit average head sizes from 54-64cm/21.5-25 inches.
Smartphone requirements:
- iOS: Version 10.0 or above
- Android: Version 5.0 (Lollipop) or above
Please note: you must have access to Google services for PlatoApp to work

Taxes: dependent on territory
Warranty: 2 years, or local requirements
Satisfaction guarantee: 30 days return policy

For extended information about the product, usage and maintenance please consult the PlatoWork Instructions for use. If you have any further questions, please contact us directly.