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I use PlatoWork 2-3 times a week. I use the focus modes to get more absorbed in tasks, especially writing. I find, that the modes make it easier to block out all the distractions of the 21st century - like notifications and open browser tabs. I’ll use the Create mode to rapidly output ideas of any kind, the trick - for me - is to make sense of the brainstorm when it’s over.

Matias Seidler 
Business Developer at Khora VR

In my work, I am faced with challenges involving high complexity projects in a very dynamic environment. PlatoWork can help with focus and stress reduction. Furthermore, our industry demands innovation and creativity to be able to stay ahead - and PlatoWork offers technology to help generate creative ideas. 

Ljiljana Harding
Project Management Office Director at Pfizer 

PlatoWork made a material difference in my ability to focus while studying Russian, prior to a trip to Moscow. I am also using the headset to fight the effects of the afternoon mental energy drought and to control the “restless mind” while reading technical documents. 

Bogdan "Bo" Pintea
Principal Product Manager at Microsoft

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" ... the idea of controlling your mindset from an app is just too cool not to get on board with."
James Lynden, Innovation Manager at Bang & Olufsen

"Love it guys! Keep up the good work. The increase in concentration and awareness is indeed noticeable. The team is amazing and always responsive".  Pete Swanson, Musician. 

"I could see actual improvement of memory and concentration when working, especially during this time of shutdown. The help provided by the headset to keep the mind active is a great achievement". Francesco Pappalardo, Phd Student.

"After running a PlatoWork session, I feel a positive change. I have been using other tDCS devices for years but I'm really happy with this product. It fits perfectly and is easy to use." Domenico Russo, Professional Musician.

"I must say that I’m thoroughly impressed. And I’m glad to be part of the PlatoWork family. I’ve been using the headset almost every day and long story short, I’ve been able to recover some memories I lost in an accident a few years back. Overall mental performance has increased. I love my PlatoWork." Sasha O, City Worker. 

“I’ve been using my PlatoWork for about two months now. I’m seeing marvellous results. I use it daily, and alternate between the Learn and Concentrate modes. I feel more focused after using the Learn mode, which additionally seems to lift my mood if I’m feeling a bit scattered or overwhelmed. And can I just say, I’m breaking records across the board on Lumosity. High scores all around. PlatoWork has become an absolute fixture in my daily routine.”  Matt Thomas, Voice Actor.

What a sensational, exciting product! By using one of four different brain stimulating patterns, I find my mind works better at either creating, concentrating (helpful for meditation in particular, for instance), learning, or rethinking. Very impressive brain stimulating device that makes using direct current easy, fun, and productivity enhancing!

Bruce Bitz

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I'm really happy with my PlatoWork, and I've noticed clear positive effects in my mediation practice and for focus at work. I'm currently taking a drawing class and plan to test out the creativity function. I backed PlatoWork on Indiegogo and the creators were very responsive throughout the process and they completed their campaign right on time (that says to me that they are a solid organization). They also continue to improve the software since the campaign ended. Two thumbs up.

Principal Product Manager at Microsoft

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