Getting Started

Here we will show you all you need to know to get started with your PlatoWork headset. 

Download the PlatoWork app  

After downloading the app, please go to Settings -> Update PlatoWork headset to ensure that your headset has the latest firmware installed.

Log in and follow the instructions in the app, or follow the instructions below.


Ensure the bottle provided is filled with saltwater, used to soak the electrode sponges. Prepare the saltwater by filling the bottle with drinkable water. Add 1/4 teaspoon of regular kitchen salt into the water, replace the lid and shake the mixture. 


The sponges provided are compressed and need to be hydrated before use. Moisten 3 dry sponges (1 mm thickness) with the saltwater until they are fully expanded (5 mm thickness).

Quick Tip
Fill each sponge case with saltwater and dip both sides of the sponge.

PlatoWork Replacement Sponges Pack

Medical grade pure cellulose sponges, 3 x 3 compressed sponges in plastic bag. For replacing the sponges delivered with your headset, if they wear out.

More information

A sponge lasts for many (100+) sessions if treated correctly (see sponge maintenance), but if your sponges begin to wear out or discolour, please order replacement sponges here.

The replacement sponges are designed for maximum comfort and offer optimal neurostimulation with PlatoWork

The PlatoWork Replacement Sponges Pack is comprised of 3 x 3 medical-grade pure cellulose sponges sealed in plastic casing.

Buy replacement sponges