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About PlatoScience

PlatoScience is combining these notions with a high degree of expertise within neuroscience and product design.

By giving everyone access to safe and simple neurostimulation, we want to let ordinary people realize that their brains are extraordinary and make the world a brighter place, one brain at a time.

Recent Posts

Does neurostimulation with tDCS affect everyone in the same way?

Feb 01, 2021Morten Friis-Olivarius

As you probably know by now, your PlatoWork headset functions by creating an electrical field across your brain that can change your thoughts, ideas, concentration and how you learn. What...

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The creativity battle

Nov 04, 2020Balder Onarheim

As an academic creativity researcher, it is always interesting to see how people in various industries consider the concept of creativity. While creativity seems to be gaining popularity in a...

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Read this before using neurostimulation - a tDCS guide

Nov 03, 2020Balder Onarheim

You’ve probably already seen the stories about new technologies that can interact with the brain using electrical currents in the media: ‘scientists can now upload information to the brain’ (not...

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Neurocreativity: an Apple, a Ferrari, and the Human Brain

Nov 03, 2020Balder Onarheim

The human brain functions on many structural levels, allowing us the ability to exploit sensory inputs like sight and sound to make simple decisions, to reason, solve problems, and to...

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